Do G rated tyres grip better than A rated


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Tyres are graded for fuel economy.

Does this mean that the more grippy tyres are worse for fuel economy and the tyres that offer the best fuel economy offer less grip?

Do you go by wet weather braking ability when buying tyres or just the cheapest on offer at the time/
I'm sure that someone here would be able to advise if the fuel economy rated tyres(low rolling resistance) offer less,the same or more grip.
I realize that the tread compound has a lot to do with grip level so it may be hard to compare apples with oranges and come up with a clear cut answer ?-/.
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Well, they certainly won't have the same or more grip, otherwise there would be no argument as to which tyres to buy, so that just leaves less grip:)
tyre are now graded for wet performance if you look at their full spec.

as far as grip goes
in the wet tread and compound
in the dry the other way round

as for economy (as in mpg ) tyres the only way you get that is less rolling resistance which is by definition less grip.
when i bought the current wheels on the stagea they had fuel economy tyres. the spun incredibly easy even with awd. changed to goodyear f1s no wheelspin.

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