Do any fuses/relays need to re disconnected before replacing a fuel filter on a diesel ?


Torque Junkie
Ford Focus mk2
I am going to replace the fuel filter on my car and was wondering if any fuses or relays need to be disconnected prior to replacing the fuel filter ? my car is a 2006 mk2 ford focus sport 1.8 TDCI

The fuel filter is rather easy to access, on the left hand side of the engine near rocker cover to the left and battery to the right. do I just remove all fuel supplies from the casing and disconnect the sensor to the fuel filter ?

Some cars prime the fuel system as soon as you open the door or put the key in the ignition so that is I presume what you are referring to.

I would just disconnect the battery if you are in doubt, it guarantees there will not be any issues.

Personally I would just do the work and be careful to not open my drivers door to prime the fuel pump.

Warning: Fuel filters are under a lot of pressure and in many cars (VAG group) are very prone to leaking if not sited 100% correctly.

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