DIY supercharger


England, Brighouse
Porsche 944
Hi everyone I'm goin to fit an eaton supercharger to my porsche 944 2.5 1986, I'm looking to do it on a pretty tight budget, is there a way of increasing the fuel for the extra air without ecu alterations or going standalone? I was wondering if I could do this with a different fuel pressure regulator, I'm not altering the engine internals so ill only be running low boost, any advise would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks
It's a question of ignition timing and fuel supply in relation to engine load, so just physically uprating the injectors or pump is not enough.

You'd also risk detonation if it's not done right. I'm sure there must be someone near you with a rolling road that can help get the mapping sorted for you.
If you're not going to raise the induction volume massively then the stock system should cope. It's likely that the factory fuel system in that car is a Bosch Motronic derivative and these work upon mass flow measurements.
Adjustable fuel regulator should be all you need at that sort of boost level, make sure the throttle body is on the incoming side of the supercharger.

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