digital speedo??????


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prelude 2.2vtec jap
hi fellas,just prelude is jap you know it all 4th gen preludes have digital dashboards,except the rev and speed clocks.can i get them in digital????if they can be bought in the uk,could someone let me know and how much???? really appriciate anyones help,thank you
Not seen a digital REv counter on the Prelude - it would look very cool though. If I come accross anything I'll let you know.
Hey Prevtec, I found this Speedo a couple of years back... maybe you could build a fibre glass surroud for it to sit in... This isnt the site i original found it on but i looked around for it this morning and found it here...hope this helps :

also have a ganders for it on Youtube fitted and working its a sexy thing :D i might get one myself now ive seen it again :toung:

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