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Pug 205 & 323f DiTD
My daily driver is the 323 "fastbreak" with diesel engine (maybe from Ford).
The thing is, it's slow as a Suzuki Alto(no pun intended).

I've searched for chiptuning, but results are 0. It's just to old for chipping.
So what mechanical things could I do?
I'm still want to close the EGR and turn up the fuelpump.
I've also learned I can't adjust my actuator on the turbo,
at least, that's what it looks like, haven't taken the heatshield off jet.

Please be refined with the awnsers, I'm not into Diesels, give me petrol any day, but hell, it's cheap and has good mileage.

I have a turbo laying around here, but not sure I want to bolt it on my girl's car or use it for myself. Want to figure out what it could cost...

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It's easier if I just replace mine, but it's a fun challenge to bolt it on the Pug...

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