Diesel Tune-up - Not Diesel Tuning


Kansas City
2014 MKVI Jetta TDI
Hey folks.

I'm familiar with tuning up gasoline engines, but I don't know what to do with diesel engines. A Google search invariably has led me to Tuning, not to tune-up.

What should I be doing that is different from what is required for a gasoline engine?
HI there, I switched from petrol to diesel a few years ago. (A3 2.0 TDI 140 no DPF!)

Diesels are more agricultural and very tough, you need to drive them hard, this doesn't impair fuel economy but keeps the insides clean. They are favoured by fleets because they don't need much attention and are pretty reliable and solid.

They work by compressing the fuel/air until it ignites, there is no spark and no delicate balance here just chuck in loads of fuel and air squish until it goes bang and repeat.

Carbon build up is always an issue and you need to keep an eye on the DPF filter. Running some fuel cleaner through (BG is my favourite brand) will help keep things in top condition. Direct injection makes the problem worse and an intake clean should be considered part of your 3 year service interval jobs.

There really isn't much to adjust, check or look at. Just do regular services and avoid short journeys and low RPM driving.

A remap is an essential on any modern TDI engine, it gives more fuel economy and more power and helps you get the best from your engine.
Yes, I was thinking of a remap, especially as it's currently running on the post "Dieselgate" setup. Depending on air temp and humidity, I get between 42 and 45 mpg on the highway - per the onboard display. I need to check mpg the old fashioned way, but it's seems reasonable.

I'm not sure which remap though. As I understand it, Stage 0.5 takes you to pre-Dieselgate. Stages 1 & 2 add progressively more BHP & torque. Stage 3 and up get expensive - bigger turbo, injectors, clutch, brakes, etc. I expect that I'm looking at Stage 1 or 2, but I need to understand more in depth about the differences. No worries as far as the transmission as it's a manual gearbox.

As far as the suspension goes, I'm clueless as to where to start, but I would like better road feel and tracking.
You'll find we've covered these topics in great detail on our main site, so please do have a read of our articles in tuning and the site search should also turn up some info for you.

Find a good tuner, there are lots of cowboys out there, if it was mine I would do a remap and leave it there as you suggest. The 140's can be pushed to around 180 and I've seen the 170's go to around 220 on a remap, all significant gains. The real plus is the early boost you get and the mountain of extra torque.

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