diesel starting problems


I'm having problems with my 525 D. its 5 yrs old and done 100k mostly on motorways. suddenly having trouble starting especially when its hot. its been serviced regly and runs ok when it goes.
had a basic diagnostics check which indicates "low rail pressure when cranking". Told could be pressure regulator or fuel pump or something else!
Anyone had similar experience? , before I ring the Dealer and take out another mortgage!!
Find a non BMW dealer - they should be able to help you at a fraction of the cost. I wouldn't have thought low rail pressure would only manifest itself when hot. Perhaps the pressure regulator is siezing when the engine is warm. Where are you based - we might know some BMW friendly garages in your area.

Are there any oil/air leaks?
We have had quite a few KIA diesels in at work recently, all with 2.5+ engines in them with problems with poor starting. They have all had varied mileage, one had only done 7,000. A new diesel filter seemed to cure it.
hey i would go with changing the filter 1st off if that doesent work, check to see if you have a water seperator aswell not really sure if they fit these to cars though. then start looking into fuel pump regulator etc u should be-able to do it yourself i dont think it is to big a job good luck with that m8...
Thanks guys for the tips.
I'm based in Bridgend, S Wales, but travel a lot and need to be in Dartford on Wed. Not aware of any oil/air leaks but only had a 30 min diag done so far.
Been recommened to Lucas Service in Cardiff but not open till Wed. Diesel experts!
Used a non Dealer garage for major service recently but almost as expensive!

The filter seems like a good starting point. Have rung a couple of places and Pressure Regs seem in short supply.
See if I can get at the filter today and have a look.
Will let you know1
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