Diesel exhaust systems

Thats a seriously decent budget tuning if you ask me. You're at a sleeper version almost, best pony per dolla' i've seen so far. I hope i get to that level with that much money spent.

I have searched extensively about engine limits and etc and i came across a generic rule o' thumb where it states that 100hp per engine liter is the generic value where you can drive it daily on a reliable basis/map with short service intervals.

The way i see it, if i manage to find a good welder (to make a tubular exhaust manifold for a slightly bigger turbo and a sport exhaust system) and a tuner who would dedicate his day in tuning it to the hp per liter i mentioned, i think i can reach the 140hp mark of stable tune, maybe 150.

That plus the right air/fuel mixture, proper cooling, air intake upgrades etc should make it still a healthy little engine for quite some time at least. The only reason i would scratch it all and go for a gti petrol engine is if i get the rare chance to find a 180hp gti engine with variable valve timing tech on it. It would be on the same price but more hp and i would definitely go for forged internals for the fun of it.

So these are all of mine so called brain farts, i just like to think about car things all day long, sketching, planning, calculating the cost, labor hours and whatnot.
On a totally unrelated notice, i watched this video today and wanted to share it because i like it (the car and engine)

He did pull everything out of the car it seems to make it lighter but still 170hp is not crazy much but it feels crazy fun. I wonder how that same power feels like (in diesel terms lol) in the same light vehicle :D
To be fair...it’s the old adage..”it’s not what ye know,it’s who ye know “...I’m sure it would have cost a lot more for someone else to do the same mods whereas I’ve received “mates rates “..stick with the diesel..you’ll easily reach your goal with a lot less dollar than going petrol!...
On a totally unrelated notice, i watched this video today and wanted to share it because i like it (the car and engine)

He did pull everything out of the car it seems to make it lighter but still 170hp is not crazy much but it feels crazy fun. I wonder how that same power feels like (in diesel terms lol) in the same light vehicle :D
Well a friend has got a little Seat Ibiza 1.9TDI..It’s producing 245BHP and that thing is rapid!..it’s had the same mods as mine albeit with a bigger turbo..he’s just in the process of uprating the clutch then he should see around 260-280BHP!..
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Btw is it somewhat of a bad idea to tune a 1.6l engine? Is a 2.0/1.9 always a better choice just because of the liter thingy, is there more to it?
To be fair he bought the car already modified so I doubt he’d know all the inns and outs?...it goes without saying a larger capacity engine will inevitably create more power but for what you’re wanting to accomplish your car is more than adequate...is that new pic your car?...looks very nice ..
Ah that's a shame then, i wanted to see those mods. On another unrelated topic, i managed to find a detailed specification of the engine that i have installed in my car where it states all sorts of tiny details,you just need to right click and translate the page, here's the link http://motors-engineering.com/news/...yrJijN5kcYqKacV1cn_olUX4xkJJBc24p2ccL97zWsJSk

Interesting things like it has forged light alloy pistons, graphite inserts on piston skirts, forged steel connecting rods, crank cast from alloyed (spring) steel subjected to so-called rolling etc etc all indicating that maybe i could go even a bit beyond 150 mark with "stock" internals. Yeah i was playing this pixel car game on my phone and i wanted to add a avatar just for the fun of it lol
I’m sure I’ve said before but Diesel engines are built more strongly than petrol derivatives..thicker blocks etc..one of the main weak links is the standard head bolts...because you can stuff a load of boost into a diesel and can stretch them which is known as headlift...but for that to happen you do need to be putting in some serious boost provided by a seriously big turbo..lol
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How much boost is serious boost lol, thats a helpful info about the head bolts, wasn't thinking about that. Is there a way to figure out the turbochargers? Every turbo has this graph that idk how to read so is there a way for someone like me to know the right span/size of turbos i can put into the car without having to think if its going to spool at all or not?
Anything above 2 bar!!..lol..when it comes to turbos it’s all about what you want..with mine I told them I wanted an hybrid which looks exactly like the standard turbo but has larger/stronger internals with double vained impellers meaning more boost that shouldn’t go beyond the capabilities of the stock internals albeit the intercooler...you tell em what your expectations are and they will tell you what you need.. :)
you tell em what your expectations are and they will tell you what you need.. :)

Its hard not to envy on your luck to meet the right people, every time i as a customer come to a random company or similar asking for a service i just get the worst treatment regardless of what it is. It's like im a scam magnet even for the good businesses (guinea pig for the "bad" in general).
I guess I am fairly fortunate to know people when it comes to the car..that old adage again..”it’s not what you know,its who you know “...lol
It's a shame honestly that i still haven't found some tuning shop i can trust + the mild discrimination of owning the most boi-ricer car in history doesn't really help me get serious answers from people, especially since 90% of the mods cost like the car itself lol.
lol..I don’t have that problem..here in England Volvo drivers are perceived has old men who are past it and the cars themselves not very sporting!...The AudI and BMW crew can’t believe their eyes when they look in their rear view mirror and all they can see is my number plate ..so funny lol..
Don’t bring cost into it!...if you like the car then spend some dollar cos you’ll be the one enjoying it..My mate thinks I’m daft putting money into my Volvo but I like the car..he thinks I should invest in a BMW535 twin turbo diesel..they’re just short of 300BHP standard and there’s a bloke in Scotland who can get well over 500BHP and over 700ftlb of torque out of them making them a M5 destroyer..but those cars are known for being fast whereas my Volvo isn’t..:)
I just feel its unfair to give up on your favorite car just because it doesnt fit into the generic sleeper/tuner/racer profile. After constantly being shut down on multiple occasions by tuning garages for the same reason you said "why invest in that junk" i just gave up.

I really like my car and it's in really good condition, i just want to keep it until it falls apart with no chance of repair. My brother used to work in a garage really far from me and ill contact them to see if they can help me out sometime in the future. No rest for the wicked i guess lol
Im curious to see how your results pan out, for some reason i recently got an offer for a 180 gti engine and a set of forged internals which is weird since i didnt really ask for any of that. I wanna see what the hdi has to offer first :Đ
We ended up with 191BHP which was a bit of a letdown but comparing the new power curve with the old one we got more than +40BHP from 3,250RPM upward..the hybrid turbo was maxing the map sensor out,we have found an upgraded sensor which will allow more boost so we should see over 220BHP when we get that fitted?..The journey continues..lol
Should arrive anytime now..The biggest issue will be getting back on the dyno because he gets booked solid!..uff
Don’t know yet..when the map sensor arrives and fits as hoped without any modifications then I’ll book her in..
I feel dumb for being excited as if its my car in question :D
Well she’s been remapped..bitter sweet to be honest..Only made 200BHP!..the fuel pump was maxing out after 4000RPM!..we need a bigger fuel pump..surprisingly the injectors were well below tolerance?...so the journey continues.. lol..
Stock injectors and stock fuel pump...I’m told there is a bigger fuel pump out there that was fitted to a big engined Isuzu 4x4 that Will fit directly?...apparently?..lol..
What do you think?...of course I’m going to find one!..lol..I would even consider having one made if push comes to shove..it’s like Alison in wonderland...”how far down does the rabbit hole go “..lol.. :)
I’m not very computer literate?..I wouldn’t know how to upload it if I could..lol..it sounds good though,not too aggressive..Then other half doesn’t complain so it can’t be that bad?.. :)
I just remembered something, there is black smoke from bad tuning and too rich fuel to air ratio but i saw black goo/watery something from straight piped diesel cars that are somewhat modified. It tends to fly out of the exhaust like the cars way of coughing out blood... Is that a future issue or just plain water mixed with exhaust gases?
No idea on that one?..mine certainly doesn’t spew any goo or any other substance out the back of the exhaust?..lol..
Figured something like that would be wrong... Sometimes i feel like if people would be more mindful of their car tuning, especially diesel cars, they wouldn't be on a bad rep mostly.
Hi again..been doing lot’s of mods since last posting..rebuilt fuel pump and injectors and a Snowperformance methanol/water injection kit..results..239BHP and 435ftlb of torque..she’s a bit of a sleeper now :)..
The methanol/water injection kit has been a good upgrade.it actually improves the reliability of the engine by bringing the intake charge temperature down considerably..
I've seen lots of methanol combos, i wish i could do something as complex as that buuut it's never gonna happen. Im considering something like a dual turbo setup (smaller one spooling up a slightly bigger one to eliminate turbo lag) with a bigger intercooler these days, but i should probably stick with just a single turbo like gtd1244vz or gt1544v, still planning my tuning route lol, what do you think?
None of my Diesel modded vehicles belch Black smoke upon hitting the loud pedal. All have modded exhausts.
1.9T5 (upgraded to 2.0ltr, Alisport FMIC, Pipercross dry filter,) exhaust done by Infinity (Bristol). 3” from down pipes (decat) to back section where I can then either run a single can squared oval or twin can 5” cannons. The cannons are a little more free flowing than the oval. Both are loads better than the standard. You can hear turbo spool and variable vane action (turbo bark).
It’s essential to remap (IMO). To get the best from an exhaust. My mpg increased from low to high 30’s and the driving experience is loads better. But most importantly NO smoke and it passes the MOT well within the requirement.

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