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What sort of mods/problems will have the biggest effect on DROPPING the value of a car?

I think tacky bodykits, unrepaired dents and rust are the biggest turn offs to a buyer.
this is something we petrol heads hate thinking about,

Imo, everything we do to our cars bar cleaning and general maintenance will decrease the resale value of it, wheels, bodykits, tints, aftermarket lights, loud exhaust etc, etc.... basically anything that is noticable from the outside because you're selling to a specific corner of the market, you need someone who is on the same wavelength to come along and understand why you have done what you have done and they are few and far between unless you have access to an awesome car forum :lol:
Pretty much everything drops the "value" of a car. I put value in quotes because I personally detest that particular word...

Long story for a different day.

I love the fact that cars go down in price the more they are modded. That means when I'm ready, I can get a 1000hp turbo viper/corvette for perhaps under $30k. Professionally built, meticulously maintained, and lovingly driven to hell and back.

That's what I plan on doing with the car, so why not get one where all the back-and-wallet-breaking labor is already done?

Plus, since I want to build a car collection, I'm keeping most of my cars. I don't need to care what someone else would pay for it, only how much I love it.

But that's me.
Way To Go, Kain!

A man after my heart.....

Am keeping mine too.

And yes a better word, instead of "Value" would be "Resale Price". Because, you would agree all of us here do value our cars more than the regular joe, no matter what price anyone would put on them. For us they are our babies, carefully nurtured to become what they are today, and no man is gonna put a value on my baby.

That said,what does actually reduce the resale value of cars is everything BFF mentions, including body-kits etc.

In fact any part of the car that is in a condition that that same regular joe may wanna replace/ repair, due to peer pressure, before he considers the vehicle befitting his ' high standards"

Some thing s that may be included are tyres, stained or worn upholstery/seat-covers, battery, cracked lamp covers, stiff wind-shield wipers, knick & dents, and mismatched paint touch-ups, hell even a worn door key-slot.

this same regular joe would point out all these defects, even when they do not affect the performance, and after he buys your car, he may not even fix them himself for years to come. And yet, at the time of the sale he points them out as if his life would end if he does not fix them, before he takes it for a spin the next morning.

Devious little bu***rs, these!

And yes there is a shortage of Forums like ours, as BFF pointed out, so the informed have no idea that there are others like them around too. Kind of like that Will Smith movie "I Am Legend".

So until we have made our presence felt in the open world, and made the world see things our way, our work is not done!

Thus Rise, My Bretheren! Go Boldly Into the Wild and Spread the Gospel of Torque Cars! ;)
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I agree that most mods will devalue a car. Tacky ones even more so. I've not seen a decent DIY bodykit fitted ever as the fibreglass warps and the paint can look awful on them. Exhaust and induction kit are neutral though, cos I wouldn't mind buying a car with these mods but I guess it would make me think hard if the car has been driven hard.
The problem is, where do you stop? when does "tasteful" suddenly become "tacky"? :blink:
It must be very difficult to draw the line somewhere and to know what actually works and what does not!
that's a good point and one worth mentioning, it's all down to personal taste, that's why modifying your car will decrease the resale value because it is so subjective,

a piece of artwork hanging on my wall might not be to everyone elses taste but i like it
so i paid the money for it but would anyone else?
Mainly for the mods that violates the MOT regulations, like free flow exhaust, Engine mods(not all people are well versed with engines), hip hop graphics, funky arts etc etc
Blimey! that's a bit harsh BBJ :amazed:

Tell me about it. The thing that added 0 extra bhp cost more than the other two, that with a map probably added about 25 extra bhm!!

Insurance company's. What a con.

Did you hear of the guy on the radio the other day, saying that he drove around for two years with no insurance and got fined £500 and got 5 points. It was his first two years driving and should have cost him (living in London) around £4000. The kid was pishing him slef. There is no insentive to insure your car. But us muggs that do, have to pay the price for pratts like that!

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