debadge 200 bubble shape


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does anyone know the easiest and most stylish way to debadge a rover 200 mainly the grill and boot handle.
Ive seen some with nice chrome mesh in the grill instead. You can use a spare grill from a scrap yard, cut out the inside and then affix a mesh to it. That way you have all the fixings you need and it will be the right shape.

Massive recently debadged his Rover - The rover badge is rivetted on so he had to do some filler and paint to cover this over but I think he was happy with the end result.
yea apart from the pain on the number plate :p and the lights, make sure you use masking tape ;) i was just in a rush, also use wet and dry paper when you have got it nearly smooth, this will make it ultra smooth, the give it a light rub with it between coats

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