De-restricting a rx8 rotary (jap import)



can anyone help i have a 250bhp RX8 jap import and have recently found out that the car has been restrict to 113mph and it only has 197bhp as well and to top it all off i found out about all this was on the cannonball rally europe,,

i booked it into reworx in portsmouth and they added 20 horsepower but could not de-restrict the car so if anyone knows where i can or has anyone had this problem please get in touch
its standard to have the cars restriced in japan. was the 197 not the base model then the 230 version? sounds like someones been lying when you bought the car.
Have a chat with SVA imports in Kent, I'm sure they can help out or at least point you in the right direction.

It sounds like the car has seen a fair bit of action then.
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