de cat pipe


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honda s2000
just fitted a de cat pipe put in and engine management light has come on as expected. in the u.s they use something called spark plug anti fouler to fix this as it sits inbetween the 02 sensor and de cat pipe. cant seem to find this or anything else in the u.k . was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what you have used to fix it?
A common thing, most decatted cars require what is called a MIL Eliminator, basically a wire kit spliced into the o2 sensor to stop it from coming on. Mine is random, took months for it to come on after decatting it, now on/off at will. I have the MIL kit but have not got around to fitting it.

Not sure what yours is, maybe the same but a different name for it?
hi there i made one for my car and as yet cannot get it to work i am going to mod it tonight to see if it works if i can get it working i can make you one
i made some thing like the spark plug anti fouler and have now got it to work i have done 350 mils with it on and its running like a dream so if you still want one i can make one for you ?????:p
Milkman could you do a 'How to' article/thread please?
We could then make it a sticky in this section & you'd get an extra greeny for doing it. :bigsmile:

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