Dalmatian Puppies for sale!


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Yep real pups for sale. Daisy is due around the 10th August, size of litter unknown as the scan only proved as per vets words " she's well packed", but reckons at least six. Oreo (the dad) is one of eleven and Daisy is one of ten so you never know! Details can be found here including pictures, contact details and prices if interested, website knocked up for the sale, not great but a start:


I'll update the thread and website once we know how many and of what gender they are when delivered. A waiting list is in progress for first come first served basis.

Pups will be ready to leave their mother at 8 weeks. Puppy pack, 1st vacination etc included.
Ah bless em they are so cute! No problem shifting the puppies when they arrive me thinks! :amuse:
They are so cute when a puppy, people melt when they see them. The biggest problem I have is my youngest wants to keep one of them! I said there's running costs involved, insurance, food, vacinations, holidays and walking three of them! She said well I will be paying you keep............oh yea that was before you wanted another dog! The keep will go up! She said oh yea! :amuse: I'm not so keen, two's company, three's a crowd. I think she is waiting for d-day and see if I melt! :confused:
All but one are sold subject to final payment on collection. We had so much interest it was unreal, had enough enquiries to sell them three times over! They are coming on lovely now, getting their own personalities etc. Barking, growling and biting each other, teeth are getting sharp!

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