Daft Questions People Might Know Answers Too...

.....As I tryed to search Google and nothing comes up so might be straight forward but I'm a slow learner hahaha

I've got a couple jacks and sometimes they stick and won't release Proper or when jacking the car up, it sometimes doesn't hold and slowly release's itself, now the Jack is a 3 Tonne so shouldn't have any problems lifting up the car so am thinking to myself might just need some Oil.

But I'm not sure what Kind you need and where would you put the oil?

Same Applys for the Air Gun which I got, always wanted one haha,....it use's little oil and again kind and how to apply it would be great.

I love using the tools but hate looking after them but has to be done in order for them to keep working.

Try draining out all the old oil and refilling with hydraulic jack oil, or with automatic transmission fluid, if you find the seals leaking, you will have to replace them-a fairly simple job-
Right I bought the Oil's and that thingy for to allow drops of oil into the Air Gun lol

But Where can I drain the Oil and Refill it as not wanting to undo something that might break the jacks lol.

There's alittle screw type on one of the jacks at the top which I can push it down to allow couple drops of oil into it each day but still doesn't help to lower the jack.

it goes up no problem just gets stuck and have to stand on it or push hard to get it back down but it's only started not long ago thats why I'm thinking maybe the oil, is there any guide on how to maintance the jacks as I threw my manual away :( and when I search the internet it keeps coming up about changing oil in a car???

Roll Type. ..... Has 4 Metal Wheels, Long Arm where it jacks up, and has to be done with a long pole to raise or lower it

I know there should be a Dummy Guide to this for me, I love using tools but hate keeping up the maintance as I don't have a clue, Once I do then I make sure it gets done every week

if it is a cheaper style it will have a small rubber plug protuding on the outside of the cylinder that the pushing rod extends from , you need to remove this with a flat blade screwdriver and fill with oil . a more expensive floor jack will have a hex drive plug or simular to excess the oil resivior . after filling you need to fully extend the lifting platform , this will bleed the air from the hydraulic system .
The Jacks Costed me £100 each, so I guess it's a expensive one lol ..... thanks I will have a look at them to see, I wasn't wanting to undo anything that I wasn't sure about, thanks again, Will let yous know how I get on
Are there any guides anyone knows how to replace a seal? ...... one of my jacks just packed in and it doesn't jack up nor does it go down :(

But think it'll be a seal problem as some of yous said before :(
I've thrown up some pictures so people know what I'm on about haha Easyer this way

First of All Here's the Jack:


And This is the part which isn't working. The Clog isn't Turning around to Lower or Raise Jack:


I've put Oil In The Following Places, Not Sure if it was Correct:


And I put Oil In The Other Jack Here:


ok the part identified is the valve which opens and shuts the pump chamber to the hydraulic cylinder . when you turn the handle the bevel gear should also turn ( on both sets of gears ) closed to make the jack foot rise and open to lower , you have said the gear circled doesnt turn . i think the drive pin holding the driver gear ( the which is meshed to the circled one ) has failed . Turn the handle and see if this is the case , if so you can acess the pin ( it will be a roll type ) punch it out and replace . then your jack should work . oil isnt the problem.
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