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Anyone own a Daewoo then? :cheesy:
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I've got a mate that has a Matiz. I've gotta say, the glue they use must be the best in the world. Everything is stuck down so well!
i actually thought of buying a Matiz, had intentions to change the engine immediately etc... but looking at it in the showroom the engine seemed to be an integral part of the cars structure and just couldnt be bothered with the hastle. in the end just opted for driving the office car.
The body roll on them is immense! It feels like it's going to tip over on every corner. It would take a lot of work to swap the engine as the bay is so small.
have only ever been in a taxi Matiz - and frankly in Vietnam body roll is the last thing you have to worry about. but if changing the engine then would have put a wider track on the back in any case for stability. anyways, have no intention of buying one now, am saving up for an evo x - more my style.
i owned a nubira 2.0l inj, i loved that car, safety rating was not that good,but it had heps of grunt, always had a coat of wax, mags, big stereo, king supension, for a daily/weekend rally car it always looked show room new.
I have a daewoo cielo. Bought it cheap. Con rod shot out the block. So I got another 16 valve 1500 motor and stuck it in. I am not happy with the performance. So I am thinking of fitting in a nissan sr 20 turbo motor in it. Has anybody done a conversion like this before?
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