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Mum got her new car, and on the last day of using mine before her insurence transfers over to the new one, the alternator belt snapped! :amazed: :sad2:

So.... whilst I was at work the step dad went and bought a new belt and attemped to fit it, and to my ( Un suprise ) Suprise he coudn't get it on properly. So, he gave up whent to drive it home after a half ass job and water started to POUR out of the rad and water header. Basically, he must have some how done something to the header and cracked it.

So, new rad, new header.... Just as I put a months insurence on it too.. :sad2:

So... What I am asking for is any idea where I can get the correct hoses for the header to rad etc? This is a massive pain in the butt and has pee'd me right off. I, me and no one else will be touching it so I know its done properly!

But it will have to go a mechanic to have the alternator belt fitted. Any advice on both would be great to save money,

Cheers guys.
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Peugeot dealer for parts to be fair. Even for the whole job. Parts are generally reasonablly priced and you can be confident that they'll do the job properly.

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