crazy about turbo

MCC Smart Car manages well on a 3 cylinder 600cc or thereabouts turbocharged engine.

Just dismiss the concept of 'fitting' or 'adding' a turbo. Yes, turbocharged engines are derived from naturally asiprated engines (though some makers, MCC Smart, Saab and Volvo) offer a whole range of turbo engines with no naturally asiprated models), you have to consider that a turbocharged engine has many many differences, internally and externally, over its naturally aspirated counterpart than the simple addition of a turbocharger and (hopefully) an intercooler.
All though I applaud ANY project on here that has an enthusiastic owner, I fear this one would be a massive uphill struggle for very little gain.

Good luck to you buddy if you do attempt it :)
I think the gains will actually be very impressive if the job is done well. The problem is that it would cost no more change a large four cylinder engine into a turbocharged one and therein lies the problem.

My best suggestion is to buy a car with the performance you're after in standard form. VW Group's 1.8 litre 20 valve four cylinder turbo unit appears in many models in many levels of tune. It's a well regarded and durable engine, PLUS you don't have the problem of insuring a modified car, which can be significant with this kind of operation.
^^ Indeed, yet I fear that such cars as large as a 1.8 and in a VW guise, would command a lot of money in India.
Sometimes you do these mods because you want to, just buying a bigger engined car isn't always the answer otherwise if we want the most power we would all drive big V8s.

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