crankshaft pulley problem


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2.2 honda prelude
on my 94 prelude i noticed a scraping noise and found out it was the crank shaft pulley shaking while my engine was idling, i am hoping it is just the pulleys gone and nothing else does anyone know what else could cause this to happen and if it is just the pulley should i replace it with a standard one or a aftermarket pulley thanks to anyone who can help :)
On a 16 year old car, these things are bound to happen, though rare. It could be just that due to metal fatigue, one of the rivets has come lose or fallen off.

Your best bet is using the regular pulley, unless you want to run any other thing off your fan-belt.

You would best be advised to take a sample of your pulley in, as a sample, to buy the replacement, in case there have been any modifications done, that you are not aware off.

And while you are at it, also replace your fan-belt, as most probably it has been damaged by the off-centric revolutions of your pulley, over a period of time.

Another thing you have to ensure is that there are obstructions in the rotation of the pulley, which may have suddenly hit the pulley to damage it. Check your engine mounting bushes too, by reaching into the car and trying to rock the engine when it is cold. If it feels firm everything is AOK.

If it rocks then you need to change that too, 'coz at some point you may have peeled out, and the engine may have rocked, due to the torque, and in doing so, may have hit something which may look to be too far away, while the car is standing still.

also replacement of damaged engine mounting bushes would improve handling, by efficient transfer of power to the wheels.

See if this helps.
thanks alot for your help i will try everything you suggested tomorrow when its light lol, thanks anyway will let u know how it goes cheers
took off the pulley and have found the inside of the pulley has worn away and has also damaged the end of the crank so even if i put a new crank on it will still wobble so does anyone have any advise, does the whole crank have to come out or is there somewhere that could repair mine?
Can't comment with any definition since haven't seen the crank.

But in my opinion this pulley also runs the belt that drives the cam-shaft, where timing is of utmost importance,.

So in all fairness, the repair would have to be done by an expert, since you have to ensure that the centering of the pulley is true.

What this guy is gonna do is build up in the damaged area with welds and then grind it to the original size on a lathe.

After that he has to slot the end of the shaft exactly in the same place as it was slotted originally, so that the pulley can then be slipped on as usual.

Thus the crank needs to come off, sorry..........
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