coupe's xjs

lets see/ Monday i was laying a concrete base for the new conservatory so no car work done.

today i put the rear seats back in, sorted the speakers in the front doors and replaced the rear quarter glass with polycarbonate.

the original glass weighs 1.5kg each side.
the polycarbonate weighs 0.5kg each side
so that's another 2kg gone.

so far i have managed to get rid of 60kg of unwanted weight.
still got the rear bumper and exhaust to sort yet.

drivers side polycarbonate rear quarter window.

not the slightly too thin door glass, i think that needs
i sorted the remote door poppers today, got them working yay.
replaced the front quarterlight glass with yet more polycarbonate.
shaved another 1kg off of the
so far i have managed to shed 60kg from my tank. :)
finally after a week of tiling bathroom floors and demolishing our old conservatory i took an afternoon off.:lol:


got one side done.
got the drivers door to do and then make the sliders.
bit more done.
back to the conservatory monday if the bits i need arrive.;)
well its been a rotten week.
conservatory bits didn't arrive.
then they did
then there were more bits missing
then more rain.




finished the windows and sliders.
got to rip off the rear bumper next.:p
well its been weeks of conservatory building, pond digging, paving laying and decorating...............................but.

bonnet off.

air-con rad out.twin fans in.


pile of bits removed so far.


old fan and rad cowl gone missing.


got some wiring and the air-con pump to sort out next.


at last some progres.:D:D
yeah its not the pretiest of engine bays.

big rad.
aircon rad is the size of a normal rad, then you got the oil cooler as well.

still i will get it looking better over time.
air con pumps are blooming heavy:amazed: nearly had a hernia getting it off.:toung:

still its all out from under the bonnet now.
you can also pull the water pump , short vee belt power steering drive , drop the extra drive pullys from the harmonic balancer by installing an electric water pump and a plate to replace the water pump . ( just did it to my v12 works real well , more hp , cooler & less weight forward of the front wheels & lower gravity centre )ps i also put the fans on the engine side of the radiator again the weight distrubution
well i have wired in the twin rad fans now.
got 2 switches on the consol.:)
next we have to turn the car round and rip off the rear bumper and move the fog lights.

Car is looking mighty fine so far, do like the power bonnet, great pics! For the engine clean up try Meguires engine products, very very good stuff ;)
rear bumper is off. thats 17kg gone.
aircon pump and bits is another 20kg's of lost weight.


got some welding and cutting to do to smooth all the bumper mounts off, then i need to sort the rear fog lights.
i'm going side exit on the pipes, just behind the rear wheels.
then the gaps for the exhausts will be plated over for a smooth undertray.

might try to fit the rear fogs in the mounting holes.
i can't decide on the rear wing yet.

but it was a present from the wife, so it might have to

won't get anything done today.
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