coupe's xjs

i am fed up with this snow.
not touched the car since jan 1st.

i need to get on with it.
plan to run it in sportsman et class at the drags. :lol::lol::lol::lol:
Ah same with mine then. Theres a whole sheet of water droplets on the roof. Weather seems to be improving though to get a crack on. Get the misses to build the conservatory.
i finally did something to my car this year.
i managed to get some more done to the front bonnet vents.
they need to be rubbed down and the mesh fitting.
i have officially had enough of
A) the weather
B) my jag.

its all rotten inside now, mouldy seats, rotten trim.
windows have stopped working
door solenoids have packed up
but on a good note it did start second turn of the key after sitting for 3 months.

not sure what to do with it now.
do i do away with the electric windows and go for perspex windows.
different seats??
lose the air con?

at a crossroads.

not sure what to do with it now.
Yup, strip the thing right out. Drop in a couple of recaros and leave it bare. Weight reduction is the name of the game.

did some work on the bonnet this afternoon, nearly got all the scoops finished.

i think i will strip the doors out and fit perspex windows, not sure about the seats yet.
lack of funds is more the problem.
Re: Condensation on roof.

My car lives out side, has a bare roof & I have very little condensation, I use a small rechargeable mini dehumidifier, when the crystals change colour I take it out of the car plug it in the wall over night & bung it back in the car. Can't remember where I got it from but Google 'mini dehumidifier' shouldn't be to hard to find & it was cheap too. Just thought you might find this useful. :D


scoops finished for now.

need to rub it all down again later for re spraying, will do the final smoothing then.

i suppose the next job is to start on the electric windows and the door solenoids.:confused:
"any tips on making perspex side windows that i need to know."

Please do not use a heat gun to bend perspex, as this will cause fine craze lines to form later on, use hot water , dunk the perspex in it, and bend to shape using gloves.
hi Coupe, the rear side windows can be pushed out and the light weight ones put back into the rubbers real easily , from memory you loose about 2 kg total .
"i'm lucky the glass in the jag door windows is flat".

Oh, I thought you meant the windshield glass, I have made quite a few in my day, they last reasonably well as long as you use the wipers sparingly.
i am replacing the door glass not the screen.
door card as fitted weights 5.55kg

so i cut the top off.
this bit weighs 1.3kg

then i trimmed the interior door handle down a bit. it now weighs 0.75kg


so at the mo i have saved 3.5kg off of each door.
ok i need to make a new door card yet.
See all that metal inner skin on the door?


CF or ally door cards with pull straps and job done. Would only do it if you're fitting a cage with door bars though for obvious reasons.
i want a bit of comfort. lol
need a nice thin bit of stuff to cover the door.
got to strip all the electric windows out next, that will chop off lots of weight.
today was spent cutting logs
clearing out my workshop
so no! :)
polycarbonate for the windows arives on monday. hehe

thinking about some plastic for the door cards.
gonna strip the electric windows out on sat.
spent the day stripping all the door glass, electric window motors and central locking solenoids out.
total weight loss in each door of 6.8kg.
plus the 3kg i lost off of each door card.
so that's 9.8kg off of each door.

got to add the weight of the door card and plastic glass yet.
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