coupe's xjs

neither am i.
the original square ones that were there were beyond repair.
the front bumper will be going soon anyway.
hi coupe , i have never owned a silver metalic xjs but have seen a couple , they are in my opinion stunning . can you apply the silver touch and post a picture ? what ever the final decision keep the pepper pots and all the spoilers they finish the look .
well i have spent today welding up yet another hole and undersealing the whole of the passenger side of the car.

had to pull the passenger rear silencer off to get at the bottom of the car.
still sounds the same with it
got me thinking about not putting it back on now and smoothing the whole rear underside of the car, then maybe fit a diffuser.
coupe hello, sounds like a good idea . They must weigh 4 or 5 kg each , located at well after the rear axle and tucked up high in the tub area , must take a bit of weight of the springs , reduce back pressure and enhance the weight distrubution . infact its a very good idea . regards
thank you sir, i was hoping you might say that.
well thats next weeks job sorted then.

will have to think about simple engine tuning soon as well, just need a little bit more oooooooooompf i think.

i might get it finished one
well i decided to brave the heat of my front garden and crawled under the car.
grind, grind, weld, weld, grind, grind, sweat, sweat and they are on.



you take a set of old jag exhausts and cut a nice section of pipe out, weld in place and voila, 2.5" tail pipes.
next job is to tidy the ends up, paint them and then start on the covers to tidy up the rear under tray.
design and make a rear diffuser.
extend the front belly pan back to the front axle.
Definately inspiration you've given me.

Maybe time to dust off the old MIG welder and start a bit of body repair to my old V12 HE.;)
be nice to see another modded xjs on here.

well its been too wet so far this week. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i didmanage to finish off all the undersealing and welding under the car.

fixed the main light switch.
that just leaves indicator and tyres to sort.
then we can see what it fails the mot on. hmmmmmmmmmmm
It's getting the time tbh. I was seriously considering breaking her up. Lots of bodywork to be done. Mind you it would be a shame, she has a complete set of S'Steel exhausts, custom built 2 1/4" silencers and silencer substitue pipes. Mind you the bodywork on the 1978 Daimler Sovereign 4.2 is much worse.

I think i'll have to have a deep think about this one.:sad2:

Nice to hear you're cracking on well with your old beast, despite the weather. Good luck on the MoT, everything crossed on that one.;)
i seem to have hit the wall of indifference on my car at the mo.

can't be bothered to work on it, shame as it's getting soooo close to mot point.

i need some new tyres and a few bulbs and it will be ready.
i am looking for some new ideas for mods, i thought of removing the bumpers and smoothing the body a bit more.
i also need some ideas on where to fit the sat nav unit i bought and hints on interior trim colours.
hey coupe, are you motivated to start into it yet ? i can recommend the welding the seams , it looks good and removing the bumpers shortens the cars appearance , drops the overhung weight , curb weight and looks tough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
had a friend do some pictures to see what look i could get.



next the rear end.



i doubt i can get it to look as good as these, but i plan to give it a damn good try.
looks great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
be carefull if you cut the rear arch as its two sheets rolled together , when i did mine i rolled all arches , this bought the lip upward and out to accomidate the wider / taller wheels . just a sugestion , cut up some cardboard and lay it into the arches with the flat side as in your artwork to chase the best cosmetic look , a bit of blue tac and you should get a fair idea on where to go with the coupe
well i know my cars to to every ones liking

But i have a bit more done now.



The original bumpers have been cut right down to the minimum they can be, while still looking okish. :lol: :blink:
well look what i got today from my local car boot.


what do you think of the chances of finding a moto liter wheel complete with boss for a jaguar xjs.
price was good as well £20.

he had a vw golf one complete as well.

well to follow on from the kg to bhp thread.

stock xjs= 1606 kg
bhp= 225
so 7.13kg per bhp.

remove front bumper - 20kg
remove rear silencers - 30kg
swap steering wheel - 2kg

so we are now at 1554kg /225 = 6.9 kp per bhp.

i can remove the rear bumper yet to save another 20kg
that will take me to 6.81 to 1.

now if my cold air inductionb kit i am making gives me a max 0f 5% that will be another 11bhp maybe.
so that will take me down to6.5kg per 1bhp.

i would like to get to 5kg per bhp if i can
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didn't like the indicators on the front, they didn't look right so......................

fitted the originsl oned behind the body work.


thats looking better.
just need to move the spots back a wee bit further.
I am definatly interested in a front bumper mod like that for the HE 1985 I have just for the air suction :)

I may have missed it but how did you go about building those just sheet metal or fibre glass?
the bumpers are the original ones with the rubbers taken off and cut down width wise then welded on.

all the original bumper mounts have been cut off and filled.
the front opening is just sheet metal cut and welded into place.
i have some ally mesh to cover the opening once its all painted.

lagged the exhaust manifold and down pipe.

started on the 3 piece belly pan as well.

the rear bumper will be done the same.
Certainly looks different. Nice to see you're not doing the norm and OE ing it!!

Let me know if you need anything from my 1983 XJ-S, had a real look through mine and she's totally rotten through so i'm breaking it at the moment.
changed the round spots for square ones as they look way better.
all wired up and working.
need to sort the reversing lights next and then i can see about geting it down to the mot station to see what is wrong underneath. lol.

mind you, now my son has got his caddy i might get sidelined into modding that. he he he
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