Coupe running problems?!??!

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Hey, ive just joined and im in need of some help!
I have a 2.3e audi coupe 1990 10v
Basically, when i start my car in the mornings, it starts up and idles fine.....but then when i drive down the road, and get to 2000rpm it just cuts out (as if its getting no fuel atall) and then it suddenly jumps back in and lurches forward abit (kangarooing as if it were)...after a few minuits its fine? its just like a complete dead spot when it hits 2000 rpm

Ive left it to warm up nicely on the drive before i take it down the road, but it still does it?

Ive been told it could be the lambda sensor (but is this true for this engiene) also i was told it could be the ignition amplifier

Anyone else had this issue? or got any advice, id really appreciate it!!!!

thanks, matt
I doubt a pre 1992 car has a lambda sensor as there is no catalyst to protect! It sounds like a fuelling issue to me. A diagnostic will usually pinpoint the problem without all the trial and error.

The first think I would do is change the fuel filter. The problem sounds like it is not getting enough fuel at higher revs.

Are the plugs and leads in good condition? When was it last serviced?

(Welcome to TorqueCars as well, nice to have another Audi owner along!)

Another thought, the anti knock sensor could be cutting in. If there is a hot spot of soot in the engine you might be suffering from pre-ignition. Run a tank of redex through the engine and this should help clean up some of these deposits.
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