Corsa C stereo upgrade


Scotland, Glasgow
BMW 323i (e36)
Hi all.

I recently sold my Rover 25 in order to buy a much more sensible '51 plate Corsa C 1.0. Unfortunately, the original radio/cassette stereo system packed in after 1 week :( I sourced a used aftermarket JVC unit and an adaption kit but the wires in the back of the new stereo stick out to far and I can't fit the stereo properly ie. the input in the old stereo in inbuilt making it and easy unit to fit, whereas the new unit and the wires it uses cause the unit to be pressed forward making it impossible to secure the JVC in place.

Any help would be appriciated

Cheers :D
Ideally there should be a space to tease the cables down into. Failing this, I have seen an extension fascia kit which the cage for the stereo fits into snuggly and raises the front fascia about 25 mm off the dashboard.
Might be worth a google search.
There are blue male inputs in the car which stick out for the old radio unit to slot into, these however, force the new adaptor forward and cannot be moved or taken away
Worst case scenario, if your still struggling, unscrew the four screws holding the glove box in place, then you can get easy access to the rear of the stereo and you can reach the wires and pull them down in

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