Correct use of indicators


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JB Starion
In my travels I encounter many motorists who either fail to ever use them or hit the stalk as they swing the wheel to change lanes or direction and sometimes it is only a single flash and if one blinks you will miss it.

IMO the best way is to position oneself where there is a sufficient gap/space to safely get into ,indicate and wait for say 5 flashes/clicks , do a shoulder and mirrors check and then move smoothly into the traffic flow PROVIDED that it is safe and the other motorist has not increased speed and reduced the gap you intend to move into.

REMEMBER the indicators are there to indicate to others that YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE LANES when safe to do so as they DO NOT GIVE YOU RIGHT OF WAY to force others to brake to prevent a crash to let you change lanes.

I have developed 6th sense or anticipation and for example when I see a car that has been tailgating for some time on a multi lane road and I an coming up to overtake in another lane more times than not they will almost certainly hit the indicator sometime but not always without checking any mirrors or blind spots and swing into my lane.


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Don't get me started on these blinking idiots, or more correctly none blinking idiots.

Most modern VAG group cars flash 3 times on a stalk flick.

People shouldn't be indicating usually until they are pretty sure they can move out of a lane and have checked the way is clear (the addage MIRROR SIGNAL MANOEUVRE was drummed into me). It does warn other motorists to drop back and create a gap if you need one.