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polo1.4 and corrado
I bought a corrado g60,the previous owner had installed 2.0 16v from 95 golf gti. Now when I'm turning the lights on the abs pump is working and the wires from the connector are getting worm.when i removed the relays the lights were still on. When i turn the ignition on sometimes the headlamps will turn on can somebody help me or dose enywone have wiring diagram for the headlamps so i can find something?
Hi Mila and welcome to TorqueCars. I loved the Corrado they were quick and powerful. It does sound like something really strange is going on here. Unfortunately I don't have a wiring diagram. It will take a while to track this down. Look at the colours of the wire feeding the ABS and Lights and see if you can track these back to the fuse box. My guess is that the ABS has been wired into the lights feed rather that being set up on its own.
thanks for the advice, but i looked at the fuse box and down there is like you trow a bomb,there's no order in the wires,so i have to check all wiring in the car because they have installed a new installation for the ecu and the engine and the old one is still there.So for that it will take me weeks. I will try how you said thanks again
You will have to sates fide with this picture because i cant post other pictures :? or if you want me to send to mail
You've only just hit 10 posts - in the advanced tab you should now see some image hosting options. Feel free to email me the pic though on webmaster(at)thissite and I will put them on for you. ;) I'd like to see it.
Looks nice - what an unusual front bumper. Love the rear lights and looks like a decent exhaust. I bet it sounds great.
Unusual front bumper? right it is! im happy as larry (who the is larry anyways?) i have never seen another Rado wearing that Bumper!

sorry to raise this from the dead, but i almost sicked in my mouth, so had to comment! lol
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n.p i dont minde and you wil never si Bumper like dis its costom made for the rado :)) i lovet
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