Corrado REV limiter


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my daughter's boyfriend has just bought an 8v 2l auto Corrado. He has sorted out most of the little problems but is stuck on this one:

Engine won't rev above 5000rpm. Gets there, cuts out, then fires up again. It seems like the rev limit set too low, but I haven't actually witnessed it myself.

Any ideas?
Is the "anti knock" protection cutting in, is it running very rich or going lean?

Fuel Filter
Fuel pump
Check the plug gap or fit new plugs
Is it a turbo? Check the air intake hoses aren't closing up or leaking.

If there is a misfire check the cam tensioner.
rev limit depends on if it is an early or late corrado

early ones were set at 6250 so could be a faulty rev counter as its only a bit over and he main mean a bit higher anyway. They may even have a lower limit in neutral .

the limit can be raised with a chip but I think it is a "messy" solution
The 5000 limit is preventing gearbox from changing up so I don't think it is the rev counter.

Define early or late :)
Good luck with that, the skyline rev counter went bonkers the other day, now its jumping around all over the place, not really looking forward to the troubleshooting and stripping it all down, sigh.
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