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any one got one of these beasts????mine is standard at the minute but looking to tune it skightly and was wondering has any one here done it??

these cars are rare in ireland,mine is an ex uk plate
What year is it? I had a GS - but that had the 1.3 engine in it - pretty reliable and mega economical but hopeless on hills unless you get out and push. The 6 speed box would be a good mod if you can get one for your car. What engine size and year is it?
its a 2003 t-sport with the 1.8 vvtl-i engine in has a 6 speed as standard and 190 brake.....same engine as the celica t sport
Sorry - meant to say a lowwer ratio 6 speed box. Fast road cams and an induction kit and sports exhaust. Remap possibly.
lowering the this a big and expensive job???changing cams involves alot of work from wat i have a sports exhaust do you just mean a bacl box or a ss from mniflod back????
It can be expensive but often there is an older model of car with a lower ratio gearset and it just becomes a gear swap. If I remember rightly there was a 6 speed box on the 1.3 around 1997 and these ratios are likely to be lower than yours as it was built for a smaller engine.

Cams are not too bad a job although you do have to be reasonably confident to do them - I reckon about 3-4 hours in all. Sports exhaust - go for a full system including manifold with a sports cat for best effect. A back box will do little more than change the exhaust note.

Looking at the stats for your car it is pretty economical and not quite as fast as similar engine sized cars so I'm guessing it has been tuned for economy and this implies that a remap will yield a bit more power and acceleration for you.
i do think that my car is fast nad powerfull man!!will give an type r a hell of a go any day!!and thats a 2l vtec!! as for rempapping they say the 2zzge is too sensitive an engine to re map....westward in ireland have said there is nothing they can do to tune it and i cant get a revo remap for it!!!

know any places to look for a full system in??places that specialise with toyota engines......

i do think that 190 brake and 133lbs pf torque is impressive in its class!!same as the celica t-sport like.......and mags love that !!!
I didn't mean to dis your car in any way - it is really quick, I was just thinking of the VAG 1.8T which can put out 225bhp take the Seat Leon Cupra R - 6.9 seconds Top Speed: 150mph as an example.

Have you looked at uprating the Supercharger - I'm sure a rebuild is possible with higher performance internals and this will help you raise power. I'm very surprised a remap is not possible but having searched around I can't find anyone offering it. I'll let you know if I find a piggy back device which will help the tuning.
It took a bit of digging around. There are a couple of options: Greddy do the e manage piggy back ecu which is pretty much a bolt on solution or there is a dastek chip. There is a Lotus with the 2zzge engine - I wonder if the ecu from that would fit? :?

There are no Dyno results for these options around yet. I suspect the piggyback option will give more power than the Dastek though.

You could always just bolt on a 25 shot of Nitrous?
the lotus ecu sounds tempting........if i win the lotto!!hahaha!!

piggy bank ecu's.......can ya tell me more wayne.......

the bolt on nitrous sounds very tempting.......investigation called for there......

many thanks for the help a look at cruisearound,my web home!!
Piggy back ecus:
Connect between your existing ecu and the engine sensor inputs and outputs. All work slightly differently and apply all or some of the following combinations. Some will adjust the sensor readings such as air temp engine speed crank position and effectively lie to the standard ECU forcing a more agressive timing. Some will actually perform their own calculations and take over control of some aspects of engine management like turbo wastegate control and ingition timing. Some will take the standard ECU output and modify the signals sent to change timing and learn to guess the next output a split second before it is needed using the base ECU map and just enhancing it a little. As with all ECU upgrades you are still dependant on having the car in top condition as you are removing the toleranced built in for dirty plugs, cheap fuel, or minor electrical faults.
You really need to look at the power gains you will get which is much higher on cars with turbos and forced induction. If you get another 50 hp I would consider that worthwhile, over tuning and getting another 100 hp will start to create reliability issues. I certainly wouldn't dismiss an ecu upgrade but you need to be aware that the car must be properly serviced and running in top condition.
I have got a mr2 and a corolla tsport and the Modifications you told this lad are in my opinion and experience just plain wrong.

Right the best mod for this car is a tte charger you are looking £2000 all in, piper roads cams are £1000 and stand alone ecu (apexi power fc) £500 you can change the lift to kick in earlier, typhoon k&n kit £200 and you defo need some suspension cos these cars are poo standard.:D
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Piggy back ecu are a waste of money and time stick to the apexi power fc he keeps telling people to but this on thier car and they r pants:cheesy:
I had a Corolla and despite hunting high and low there were practically no mods around for it. :eek:

This has clearly changed, at the time the piggyback ecus represented the cutting edge of Corolla tuning. I still painted a realistic picture of the power gains on offer with one ie not a lot! The Apexi Power FC is a full replacement engine management solution. I think everyone is entitled to their opinions re tuning mods and I never claimed to be a Toyota expert - I merely passed on what knowledge I had. I appreciate your taking the time to pass on your knowledge and experience. :)

I have got an 03 Ts as well and i'm in the tuning game myself. The problems with this engine is that its highly tuned already. A NA 1.8 with 187hp is quite an achievement. I know that Lotus don't mess with the engines themselves and only change the ecu but that is because toyota keep there warranty so Lotus don't have to deal with it, also the ecu doesn't give any more power and only changes how the lift is initiated and the limit is upped to 8500rpm.
The exhaust and filter should make a difference but not enough to notice, especially at £500 for the both with only 5hp difference at most. (also the engine management compensates for the changes and after 500 miles the power is lost again)

You can change the top internals but again its big money for the little power gain. A supercharger is the way to go and lotus are taking these up to 260hp but the 220hp option will be the best. Compressions are low enough to not lessen the life expectancy and anything after 220hp will give you some crazy torque steer anyway so theres no point.

As you have the same model as mine you will notice that the car feels like its on stilts and the brakes are not good enough. Id start with 20-30mm lowering springs, 17" wheels lower profile tyres to sharpen steering and some bigger vented brakes. The fade on the standard pads and discs come quickly.

After that rant though, I love the car. Its definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing. O and if you are changing the springs and wheels tell me first and i can work out the maths for the numbers you want so the car behaves properly
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