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Hi guys,

Had a problem with my heaters not blowing hot air, discovered it was the oh so common Saab valve! I have emptied the car of all coolant, changed the valve, and filled it back up with water, for testing purposes. went for a quick blast, and within 2 minutes my heaters where hot! Yippeee!

Only thing is, I let the water run to the minimum line on the bottle, and then filled with OAT coolant. run it again, and the levels remained at the max marker. As it started the heavily snow I left it. Shall I bleed the system of water or will it be okay? After I bleed it, i shall top it up again with OAT.

I have missed out most of the stuff I have done, but as I followed guides from the MGZR forums and rover forums, I have done it correct! ( otherwise I wouldn't have hot air blowing) well I hope so...

So you have bled it as advised then? Have you run the car for a while and rechecked it? If yes then just keep an eye on it. Does your expansion bottle have a warning level indicator? Not sure if the 4 pots did, I know the later Fs had one fitted due to the HGF issues.
Keep an eye on it over a few days - if you do need to bleed then do so with the engine running and from cold.

I suspect that given the level is not fluctuating then you've got it right anyway.
yep! I've bled it as advised. just checked after driving last night and it has not moved a touch. so hopefully I'll be fine, I'll keep checking though and bleed it again if the oat coolant drops. my expansion bottle has a a warning, yes. cheers for the replies!
Sounds like it was done okay then, just keep an eye if it drops as sometimes they can still have an airlock that takes time to work through. Might not be much at all.
If there were an airlock, would some of the pipes be a little softer when the engine is running? I am new to coolant flushes etc...

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