Compulsory advanced driving test


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Do you think that there should be a compulsory advanced driving test?

Perhaps people who have passed the initial test but not the advanced one should drive around with a Green P sticker.

Would this improve road safety and driver skills? Would you be happy to have a Green P on your car till you take an advanced test?

What skills should the advanced test cover?
Motorways, skid training and night driving should all be covered.

Plus a special written test about why you shouldnt sit in the middle lane!
I think this would be good, contents as Xavier says above. But also on the second part - why pulling a caravan should never be done, why you should not drive at 30 in a 60mph and then we a prick when people try to overtake etc... i.e. A common sense test.
A common sense test would take a lot of motorists off the streets, or at least prevent them from going on the street to start with.
How about a common sense test whilst out in the car. Anyone can fake common sense when comfy but give them something else to think about at the same time and it all goes out the window.
I don;t think there should be another 'compulsory' advanced test. As the one at the moment does not cover these things, it should. Motorway driving should be part of the test and you should have to do a CBT before you can drive. Makes you a lot more aware of whats around you and also lets you see things from a biker point of view.

For night driving just have a lesson in the dark?

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