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It would be useful to have a glossary of tuning terms so here is my first attempt, Please add any I've missed off.

ABS :- Anti-lock Braking System
AFN :- Air Fuel Meter
AFR :- Air Fuel Ratio
AIR :- Air Injection Reactor
ATS :- Air Temperature Sensor
BDC :- Bottom Dead Centre
CAS :- Crank Angle Sensor (also CPS)
CAF:- Cold Air Feed
CO :- Carbon Monoxide
CO2 :- Carbon Dioxide
CSV :- Cold Start Valve
CTS :- Coolant Temperature Sensor
CVT :- Constantly Variable Transmission
DPF :- Diesel Particulate Filter
EBD:- Electronic brake distribution.
ECU :- Engine Control Unit
EEC :- Electronic Engine Control
EFE :- Early Fuel Evaporation
EFI :- Electronic Fuel Injection
EGR :- Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EMS :- Engine Management System
HC:- Hydrocarbons
HDA:- Hill decent assist
HID :- High Intensity Discharge (Lights)
ISCV :- Idle Speed Control Valve
IVVC:- Intelligent variable valve control same as VTEC
LAMBDA :- Exhaust oxygen sensor
LC:- Launch control
LED :- Light Emitting Diode
LSD:- Limited slip differential generally clutch type can be 1,1.5 or 2 way
MAF:- Mass Air Flow Sensor
MAP :- Manifold Absolute Pressure
NOS:- Is generally known as Nitrous Oxide
NO2 :- Nitrogen Dioxide
NOX :- Nitrogen Oxides
OS :- Oxygen Sensor (see LAMBDA)
PAS :- Power Assisted Steering
PCV :- Positive Crankcase Ventilation
PON :- Pump Octane Number
RON :- Research Octane Number
SC:- Stability control
SO2 :- Sulphur Dioxide
TBV :- Turbo Boost Valve
TC:- Traction control
TCS :- Transmission Controlled Spark
TDC :- Top Dead Centre
Torsen:- LSD a gear type torque sensitive lsd that needs both driven wheels on the road to work.
TPS :- Throttle Potentiometer Sensor
WOT :- Wide Open Throttle
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LSD limited slip differential generally clutch type can be 1,1.5 or 2 way
Torsen LSD a gear type torque sensitive lsd that needs both driven wheels on the road to work
TC traction control
LC launch control
IVVC intelligent variable valve control same as VTEC
SC stability control
HDA hill decent assist
EBD electronic brake distribution.
^^ Cheers Rad, copied and pasted yours onto the top list to make it easier for people to scroll through ;)
One I use in the garage when I mess up:

W.T.F. have I done now?

For some reason, I typed W.T.F. without the periods and it changed to WTH when I posted.
We decided Heck or Hell was preferred to the other word used in the F version of the phrase! ;) It's subtle but keeps it family friendly and stops granny getting excited! :D
MIVEC: - Mitsubishi innovative valve electric control
VANOS: - Variable camshaft control
VTEC: - Valve timing electric control
FORD: - Found dead in road
TVIS: - Toyota variable induction system
IIRC when we test drove a Honda HRV and was told that when you release the brake it holds the brake on momentarily wile you change pedals to prevent rolling backwards.
Even though I have barely passed the first flush of youth :) I seem to suffer a lot more CRAFT moments these days.
An old thread, but I thought I'd add some manufacturer acronyms to it...
Spot the real ones :lol:

Alfa Romeo - All Loosely Fitted Accessories Remain On Motorway Enraging Others.
AMG - Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach (Mercedes' tuning house).
Audi - Attention: User Doesn't Indicate!
BMW - Bloody Minded Wa...... :)
EX - Executive
GTI - Grand Tourer Injection.
GTR - Gran Turismo Racer
LS - Luxury Sport.
M - Motorsport (BMW's tuning house).
MR2 - Mid engine, Rear wheel drive, 2 seater.
NISMO - NISsan MOtorsport International Limited (Nissan's tuning house).
RS - Rally Sport.
Saab - Sadly Absent, Always Broken.
ST - Sport Technology
STI - Sexually Transmitted Infection or possibly Subaru Tecnica International (seriously Subaru? What were you thinking with this acronym? :lol:).
Subaru - Shift Up, Because Always Revs Unnecessarily.
TDI - Turbocharged Direct Injection
TSI - Turbocharged Stratified Injection
TVR - Tow Very Regularly.
Type R - Racing.
V - an engine configuration, eg V8.
VANOS - From the German "VAriable NOckenwellenSteuerung" (Translation: Variable Camshaft Timing)
WRX - World Rally eXperimental/Cross.

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