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The Netherlands
Megane 1.6 CC
Heya peeps,

I was thinking about installing a cold air/ram air intake in my renault megane 2001.

Here's the problem. I hear a lot of different things about these filters.

With what kind of set-up do I get the most profit? At this moment I'm thinking about keeping the original airbox, put in a K&N air filter, and attach a ram air filter, this way you've got two performance parts.

But what about the sound with this set-up?

My question is, what do you think about this set-up. And what would be the best set-up in your opinion?
Take a look at this site -->
There is some sound advice on the difference between the two options.
CAI should provide more power via more cold air, but is more expensive (like everything with engine tuning; more power will be more costly). However is your engine computer able to benefit from the extra O2 that will be fed to the engine?
Thanks for the link, think I'll be modifying some proper kits to pop one of these filters behind my front skirt.

This will be my set-up for now, "cold air" intake, with a modified heat shield (protection from the engine heat) directly to the engine.

Ajust my computer to the extra O2 by chiptuning it.

Gonna attach some kind of sport exhaust as well.
IMO Ram air kits offer no advantage unless your going over 80mph. The intake air flow speed is far greater and there is little to be gained with a ram air. It will suck in nice cold air though, but you need to watch out you're not sucking in water which is the problem area for a lot of these ram air kits in the rain.

IMO you only need to uprate the air filter when you have made extensive other mods that increase the engines need for air.

A fast road cam works really well on those 1.6 engines and with a remap would be my recommended mods.
IMO, there is no "ramming" going on in Ram Air systems. A little thought about how air flows will tell you that it flows from high pressure areas to low. So, the air won't try to force itself down into the filter and engine, it will simply flow away to the lower pressure area around the filter. The only advantage is if you can get ambient air rather than under bonnet air into the engine.

In order to increase the pressure around the filter, you will need to enclose it in a box with the inlet area approx 1/3 the size of the cross sectional area of the box. This will have the effect of slowing the air down which increases the pressure. However, there will still be no ram air effect.

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