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Not familiar with that particular make of CAI so difficult for me to recommend it. The claims for extra power & performance should not be taken too literally my friend, so don't be too disappointed if you are not killing everything from a standing start at the traffic lights. It will however put a bit more sparkle into the performance but for larger gains you may well have to get the ECU remapped for those gains. Go out there and have some fun |B


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Most vehicles manufactured from the mid-1970s until the mid-1990s have thermostatic air intake systems that regulate the temperature of the air entering the engine's intake tract, providing warm air when the engine is cold and cold air when the engine is warm to maximize performance, efficiency, and fuel economy. With the advent of advanced emission controls and more advanced fuel injection methods modern vehicles do not have a thermostatic air intake system and the factory installed air intake draws unregulated cold air. Aftermarket cold air intake systems are marketed with claims of increased engine efficiency and performance. The putative principle behind a cold air intake is that cooler air has a higher *URL removed as per our Terms and Conditions*, thus containing more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air.
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