Cold Air Feed Location?


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Hey Peoples...

Im scratchin my head as where to locate the inlet for the cold air feed :confused: I was thinking maybe replacing the little vent beside the headlight? Has anyone fitted one before to a Prelude as theres not a whole lot of room on my front bumper (check my pics). Any ideas or suggestions or any pics from anyone whos done it please post :p

I want it to look tidy, and not hanging under the car :blink:
Ok Ive just crudely photoshop'd an inlet onto the bumper of my car, does it look ok or not? I think if maybe if I debadge it wont look so busy ? Lol decisions, decisions...

Pic should be below :
Ok ill go for putting it where the vent is since its already there... But shud I cut the vent to fit the aluminium inlet or shud I just attach the feed behind the vent keeping the stock look?

Sorry for the 20 questions... Only I dont intend to keep the stock body, I intend to mod it completey just dont know when..
I'd cut the middle slat out of that vent so it's just an open hole but keeps the same shape and run the air feed behind it. Modded but won't look sort of "stuck on" like that inlet trumpet.

Can't you tint your indicators a bit as well or get clear ones? You've been tangoed mate :p
Yea Good point...Ill do that and see how it looks..And I know that the indicators looks sinfully bad, they amongest other things are on the to-do list... Thanks for pointing the finger mate :embarrest::p
Hey people sorry to come back to this again! But no matter which way I look at my engine bay theres just no room to run a cold feed! Has anyone done this yet on theirs? Im pulling my hair out!

When I thought I found a route BAM sumthing is in the way (metal), am I missing sumthing? Lol i guess I could cut thro the headlight, tho good by M.O.T and then theres the police stoppin me every 1/4 mile :sad2: Please help any suggestions as where to run the feed? We already confirmed that I shud run the inlet from the Vent thats already there but I dont know where to go from there.... I wish that sod'in Radiator cud be moved a few inches to the right and Id be fine :toung:

My feed is 76mm in Diameter
It's hard to say without having the car in front of me or very good pictures. It may well be possible to move the rad (you need to do this on Punto GT's to fit an FMIC) over a couple of inches. It may just be a case of drilling two new holes where the rad rests for the little legs to go into.
I really would like to see the feed coming from the front, I have a mate that's going to come around and give me a hand. He explained hes done cold feeds on a few cars before and that "Its easy and simple with the right tools" I could only agree knowing all i have is a couple of different screw drivers and a Halfords ratchet set LOL :confused:

I'll keep this thread posted with step by step pics if anyone is interested once we've done the job. Hes still recovering from the "Man Flu" so wont be able to till next week :( looking forward to finally getting it done tho :p

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