Clutch trouble or ?????help


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Volvo s40t5awd2005
I have a 6 speed manual Volvo 2005. I just bought it and everything worked fine. This morning, I was driving pretty aggressive on back roads I came to a stop sign. I depress my clutch, and put it into second to take off not at a complete stop but the clutch wont come out, (it may be that my foot was not in the right place on the pedal preventing it.) Finally I let it out there was a sweet smell, like rubber without the sweetness. At an rate the clutch came out really slow then the smell came, and then the remaining

1. Hard to shift into gears
2. When I let the clutch out, it makes a sound like something is slipping


What is the most probable diagnosis?
No I got full power, pedal is travelling fine harder to shift like synchronizer is out takes a little extra force and guidance. When I do let the clutch out seems like a slip or something spinning until clutch is fully out!
Just took it for ride everything works fine. Just really hard to shift the gear shifter when engaging n funny sound when I let clutch out at the top end???

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