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on me mams golf td the cluctch cable holder that attaches to the arm that comes off the gearbox has died a death. does anyone have any tips to put it back on, as i tried it and its one hell of a stretch to get the cable back on ?
tried taking it off the pedal end with no joy so if anyone has any tips or hints to get it back on without me popping any vains in my head would be most helpful !!!!
cheers peeps !!!! :lol::lol:
ron, its not the cable, its the cable holder on the clutch arm thats broke. got the part to fix it coming. is just a bit hard to get back on the arm. ie, pulling the cable through the arm and then on to the clip. wondering if theres somthing to slacken off to make the cable a bit less harder to get through. sorry if i havent explained it very well. lol
The clutch takes an large number of force & pressure.Next are the studs & the diaphragm spring. This produces the clutch from the rotating engine. The next component is the throw-out keeping which is also known as a clutch bearing. It helps the of the move and disturbance reduction.
Has it got the self adjusting cable thingy? If so you try disconnecting it while you fit the cable into the arm and then reconnecting once it is in - worked on my mark3...
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