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Hey everyone Im new to the site!:cheesy: Ive been looking all over the net.. I own a 4th Gen Prelude 2.3 Non Vtec :)()...anyway the OEM radiator looks to have contracted "AIDS" sadly i didnt knowtice the damage to it till I got the car home from buying it. Im looking to replace it with an aluminium one. As I said b4 ive looked all over the net but can only find Aluminium High Flow Radiators for either the 2.2 Vtec (92-96) or for the 5th Gen 2.2 (97-01) Can anyone point me in the direction of anywhere here in the U.K for one that will fit my H23A2 Lump? for £150 or less? Or will this one from fit? Please help!

Thanks :blink1:
Hi there and welcome to TorqueCars. (Because your post contained a link and you have less than 10 posts it got stuck in the moderation queue - I've authorised it for you.)

If I were you i'd email japspeed and ask them, that way if it doesn't fit you can get a refund.
Hey thanks for the reply... Ma bad, wasnt aware of the no. of posts required to post a link, that will teach me for not reading everthing :lol: ok good shout ill email them but if they come back saying it wont fit anywhere else you can recommend?

Thanks again!

and thanks for the welcome message :D

This store sells Nissins Rover 600/623i aluminium radiators. I believe the Rover 623i used the H23A2 engine so should be interchangeable as a lot of rover bits are.

I'm not sure which one it is though, either A or the more expensive B option, but saying that you might have more luck searching if you expand it to include rover 623i parts.

Hope this helps.
Woah hey thanks for the extra replies! Doh! And it was just the other day that my friend mentioned sumthing about Rover being the same engine etc i think i replied with a shrug at the time :embarrest: Ill check out all the above thanks again guys!

Great support here ;)

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