Clouds of smoke.


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Mondeo Mk4 2.2lt S
I live in Spain and about three weeks ago the engine warning light came on in
my Mondeo.
I put it into the Ford main dealer the following day.
When I collected it the mechanic said something about the particulate filter
(he only speaks Spanish and my knowledge of the language as it applies to
mechanics is non-existent) and presented me with a hefty bill.
The car now drives fine (I drive it every day) but once a week it pumps out
clouds of white/grey smoke that lasts about three or four minutes and then
clears. There's no loss of power, no warning lights and no increase in engine
It's embarrassing and scares the hell out of anybody behind me, they fall
right back very quickly.
Any ideas chaps as to what's causing it ?
Many thanks in advance. :eek:
IF your car is diesel powered then it may be the DPF regeneration cleaning process in action although but wouldn't have thought that it would happen that often.
If you only do short journeys it will clog up and need to run a clean cycle quite regularly. Do long runs and get the engine nice and hot and you'll save yourself a fortune in DPF repair bills.

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