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hi, i was just looking for info on a fairly basic ICE set up for my clio, Things like brand names, prices best place to get them, iv got a budget of around 500 quid, so any help would be really appreciated thanks
does that determine whether you help or not ;)?


With that sort of money, in my opinion, you can get quite a decent set up for that!

I spent around, £120 on my set up and it is just as good (in my ears) as any other sound system that I have heard :)!
does that determine whether you help or not ;)?


ya lol

some music does make a diff like i listen to a lot of country so dont have to have big bass so can spend more for mid range

but if you listen to rubbish that is all bass :cheesy: then you dont have to worry to much about mid as you will never hear it after your ears have stoped bleeding from the big sub you have

been there well not the ear bleeding but loads of bass and no boot space cos of the 15 in sub or 2 12's
i have a clio and i think the speakers are all ready really good. i have sony head unit and plan on gettin a sub soon. but with £500 youll be able to get something really good. my mate spent £500 and got a pioneer head unit with 2 pioneer 6x9s and a 1500w sub (not sure what make his sub and amp are)
ditto ether go 6x9 or sub theres no need to go both unless your wanting alot of sound from the rear - remember that you sit in the front - components in the front, 2/3 way uprated in the back and sub in the boot
I Also Have A Clio And This Has Helped Somewhat. Thanks To Jamesede For Starting This :)
Although I Wonder Is There Any More Specific Details You Can Give For The Prices And Where To Shop?
generally speaking online normally has better deals. but remember you get what you pay for. pay £20 for a cheap set of speakers and they might sound ok until they get turned up.
components are generally better sounding than co axial as the tweeter is separate so can deal with the treble away from the mid range
Yeah i understand that thanks!
Im aware of ill get what i pay for, just being a student money isnt always available in large quantities haha
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