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clio mk2 1.2
Hi there I've got a Clio mk2 phase2 and I'm planing on keeping the car good while I've got some serious plans for it. Plans are to get rid of the 1.2 and get the 1.4 engine and turbo it I know it's not as simple as engine in turbo on but I'm really wanting to do this so any help on finding parts ect will be great

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Greetings and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

I only wish I had a pound coin for every time I saw a post like this ?-/
Trust me on this buddy, buy a car with the 1.4 already turbocharged. Firstly, if you go down this route then depending on you're age and postcode, the insurance premium will seem like a third world national debt. Secondly, if you use this car on a daily basis, have you factored in bus/train fare to get you into work while the car is off the road for the building works? If you intend on having the car for a long time, have you considered who will want to buy it off you when you are tired of it? Are you prepared for the colossal loss of money on the sale price compared to what you just emptied out you're bank account for to create?

I know it all sounds good in theory, buy a car change the engine and whack a ruddy great turbo on it; but there are costs and consequences that need to be taken into account which many of those embarking out in the car modifying game for the first time have absolutely no idea what they are letting themselves in for.

If you really really really want to do it and you have listened to what I have said - then I honestly wish you the very very best of luck |B

But and this is a big but, I would be failing you and myself if I did not point out a couple of serious pitfalls to you :)


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I know the 1.4 renault 5 gt turbo fits in to the mk1. So should quite easily fit into the mk2. It'll be alot of work but it will be cheaper/easier than adding a turbo to a 1.4 NA engine;)


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I'd be wanting to sort brakes and suspension out too.

Also after the end of this you'd get a car that basically wasn't quite as good as the 172/182 2.0 Renaultsport versions but might cost more to insure due to mods.

Maybe get the Renaultsport version now and mod that? There are turbo kits from ktec and the like, get you to 220/230bhp, that's pretty good in a car the size of the Clio. I had a 172 10 years back now and loved its handling and its zippy engine.

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