Clearing ecu does it wipe remap?


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206 gti
Hello, I'm just wondering if my ecu was cleared would it wipe my remap?? Asking because I had my car remapped a while ago and the anti pollution light came on the other day then went of a it's under warranty the garage said they would get it plugged into diagnostics, if for any reason the have to clear the ecu or do any work would it delete the remap ??
If clearing the ECU means then having to reinstall OEM map then yes, but I seriously doubt they plan on this, they can usually go in and choose which aspects of the ECU to work on.
They probably just mean clearing the fault codes. A main dealer may reflash the ecu but you should be on. Most remap companies will do a reflash very cheaply for you.
If they reflash it it WILL overwrite the map. This happened to me in 2007 thanks to a local Peugeot dealer. I had specifically told them NOT to re-flash it. Was not happy with them. It's MY car and MY code, not theirs.

Celtic Tuning sorted it for me for next to nothing cost wise.

Clearing fault codes won't lose anything at all tho

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