Clarification on Rx7 models.


Hello, I would appreciate if someone could give me advice on buying an rx7 as a project with a view for modification in the future. I am unsure which model to keep an eye out for.
Hi there drdsum and welcome to TorqueCars, its nice to have you along. ASCaudio is our resident RX7 afficionado.

How much are you looking to spend? What sort of mods are you planning for it?
Sorry for the late reply.

I love the body kit in fast and furious so i would be looking to upgrade to that body kit.

Other upgrades would be performance upgrades - unsure what these would be but looking for an upgrade in speed but also maintain a degree of reliability.

Eventually i would love to change the interior too, but that isnt on the list of my priorities currently.
I know that you should buy one with a full service history. If neglected the engines need to be rebuilt and this can be quite expensive.

There were 3 main model types the FB FC and FD qirh rhw FDs being pretty rare in the UK. The turbo engine is the best one in terms of tuning performance gains on the FC with the later FD getting a twin turbo option giving around 280ps of power. The FD is still considered by many to be one of the best handling cars around.
First up I would say breathing mods, so exhaust and induction kit. Then you can get a remap done or better still go with a larger turbo for more peak power. Also get a better intercooler and this can be front mounted at an angle - like the setup ascaudio has done in his. Its worth reading his thread in the gallery.

Suspension mods help a lot - although the car is really good at handling in its standard form.
If i upgraded to the kits you mentioned, what sort of speeds would i get 0-60 and 0-100?

Also, why the rx7, instead of lets say GTR r35, honda s2000, porsche? Because these are the other cars im looking at.

Thank you for all your advice so far.

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