Civic fn2 supercharged engine issues


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Hi folks, I had a civic type r recovered into my work today with bottom end engine knock now he has had a supercharger kit fitted to the engine and I don't believe there has been any internal work carried out. The company that fitted it advertise you can fit the kit with a small pulley running 14psi on standard internals anything more requires forged components etc.I don't know what he's running yet as it was last min it came in I'll find out tomorrow but if I'm stripping the block I'd be as well fitting uprated components so having little experience on that side of things what am I to look out for and advise to be fitted as so far I've read on this webpage that a lower compression is needed on a supercharged engine and since this was a n/a engine as standard it is running a higher CR than a supercharged engine so do I get components that lower compression ratio and if so will I need to get the cyl head uprated and valves changed etc. I'm now going to pretend to the guy I know what I'm talking about but he will look to me for some guidance as to what to do so any input and help would be much appreciated.

HI Will IMO I would buy forged Pistons and rods with a say 8.7 CR ARP head and mains studs and a MLS head gasket plus say 650cc injectors and a retune on a dyno and run it in as per motormans method to bed the rings properly. I would also have the head chemically cleaned and the valves reground and a suitable front mount intercooler. I have heard that the NA rods are a bit weak BUT have no 1st hand info so you may need to do a bit of searching to confirm if this is correct. T o really do the job properly have the complete rotating assembly balanced.

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