chipped a4 1.8t aeb stalls splutters before boosting


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Hi all,
I have a chipped a4 1.8t 1997 that sometimes fails to pick up in third from 2000 revs when i floor the throttle.Is it me should i be taking it to more revs before the gear change?
(recent maf,n75j,710n,ngk platinum plugs .7mm,throttle body clean-(good move),lamdba,no fault codes from audi apart from throttle body-which i cleaned,now no rough idle.
Would be pleased to hear from you
It seems to fail to perform just as i am expecting the surge of power.
boost leak through one of the ipes in the PCV. might not be enough to trigger an error code.
split diaphragm in the diverter valve again leaking boost. - my bora had this issue but didnt have a fault code

but 2000 is pretty low to start up, try changing around 3.5 it might set you around 3k in the next gear
Thanks ,had coil pack giving up just after remap(last year) seems to be giving me similar symptoms,(it throws the other three out)hence alot of hesitation and a small backfire,irratic fault will have to see how it today found no fault codes? however they did sugest a bad gear box because of vibration through the gear stick in 3rd, i thought it was fine,who knows gear oil change maybe soon.
open a window and turn radio off before switch off the engine. listen for a sort of knocking noise.
could be your DMF is on its way out hense the vibration.

i know about the coil packs mines is on its way out, think its no 2, but its not causing a code as yet and only appears under full boost
Hi please explain pcv and dmf.The car also does not like steep hills or three passengers same probs. seems to be unable to pull under a load on occasoin when i put my foot down.Taken my parents boxer dogs tennis ball to do a leak test he was not impressed, what sort of a compressor can i get away with? I assume tyre inflator is too slow.
PCV - positive crankcase ventilation. basically most of the pipes under the engine covers, the rubber isnt actually oil proof and deteriotes over time.

DMF - dual mass flywheel, the flywheel is actually in 2 parts conected by a friction plate and springs. they are fitted to stop as much vibration between the gearbox and engine being transmitted.

ive started getting a small miss fire under full boost, now and again but its still on original coil packs and sparks.
diverter valve split with around 30k on the engine - before mapping
issue with boost spiking after remap - changed the spring in the diverter valve
Thanks! gearbox ok auto europe test drove the car and topped up oil .4 of a litre on the ramp for a fiver! Result
I cleaned the valve on the crankcase vent with brake cleaner and finished it with penetrating oil and replaced the cams cover gasket.
The car now flies with no hesitation i pressume due to the fact that it is no longer taking air from the crankcase.
You have been an inspiration!- goodbye to those audi techs with fault diagnosis you could teach them a thing or two!
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OK. Anything i should know about replacing turbo oil feed line 058 145 778 apart from cleanliness and no throttle on start up? Engine hot?
Also have cleaned pcv pipes and valve on t piece- fitting new breather outlet 058103213 soon- old one broken.
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Done the above as in last post , all good -garage wanted 280.00 pounds for fitting these service items! Just need right spanners and some patience, parts cost 120.00 that is better than 400.00 all in.
For the most part the car is pretty sorted now,i do get the occasional stall on boosting max- only every now and again, the new pcv puck valve was worse so i stayed with the old one.
Thanks again for your help.

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