skoda fabia vrs
friends sister bought a vw beetle and bought an off the shelf chip for it! now has got rid of her beetle and got a spare chip shes selling it for £20 lol yeah i know! she bought it off a bloke who used to work for vw and went off on his own a bloke in garage reccomended her to him and anyway yeah its all sound! will it work in my fabia vrs seeing as it is vag?>?
Nope or yes.

Yes if its a cheap resistor in a box thing that adjust the air intake temp. although long term this will do damage

Nope if its a proper tuning box or map chip, unless it was a 130 PD beetle
right and how wil i be able to tell if it doesnt work?? will it ruin my car and no it i the proper thing! thanks for ur feedack though mate
right havent fitted yet i bought the chip kit but found out my egr valve is leaking so gunna get that done on warranty and the get my radio code so when i fit it but meanwhile im gunna see if i can track down the bloke who made it and see if he can upgade it to my digits!! thanks mate

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