Central Locking Fitting Problem


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You will have to excuse my I have just come from out of the dark ages, you can tell how long its been since I've had a Ford apart.
I just fitted a remote alarm system to my car, that has no central locking....:blink:

Luckily I have two universal locking motors, unluckily since I last pulled a Ford Escort apart, Ford in their infinate wisdom have decided to change their old bar locking doors to wire locking doors without informing me.....:confused:

Its a bit like giving a three year old a nuclear submarine and telling him to circumnavigate the globe.............

If it was bars it would be easy, just bolt it in bolt it up and away.....
But theres nowhere to put the bar connector.... They are the ones with the two allen grubs, that clamp onto the bars......

Anybody had any joy fitting these kind of universal motors to a Ford with wired door locking? Its a MK5 BTW.........:sad2:
Sorry I missed your post. Have you tried the breakers yard? A modern sierra or escort central locking motor should do the trick.
Thanks Waynne, I was hoping to avoid the scrappy if I could, they want £20 a lock+solenoid. I've done some enquiry's and this is the cheapest way apparently. I've found a cheaper source on E-Bay now though, £13.48 for two doors.

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