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Has anybody had any experiance with these guys got an email off this morning saying that the standard 180 engine would be remapped to 225bhp
looking through the testomonials i could only find one for the 180 audi TT. all other VAG engines were diesels

thinking 225 up from 180 (could also be done on the 150) is a bit much of a gain without having to uprate the cooling , clutch .

just worried that all the testomonials happened to say how good it was and considering how used the 1.8t engine is between vw audi seat and skoda there was only 1 review on it
also happens to be the cheapest at £375 inc vat

i know that the tt can also come as a 225 standard but this is done with a larger turbo. and i think better cooling
I think the only thing you have to worry about is the clutch. Again if you drive it in the peak power band all of the time you are likely to have problems but for overtaking and the occasional blat you'll be fine. The TT does have the larger turbo but this mainly assists with top end power. When your turbo finally does go it is then worth uprating it.

Ask Celtic for some references - I'm sure they must have loads and just don't keep their website updated.
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