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ok, as you some of you know i was robbed the other week i popped my old tape player in the 206 and guess what it wants a code oh and i just dont happen to have that code... any way of getting one preferably free.
You need to give the radio serial, chassis no and reg no (of the original car the radio came in) to the main dealer who can look it up for you. Sadly they will usually charge for doing this. If it is an aftermarket radio then you will need the services of an unlock company - again it will cost and when you can get a radio from a breakers yard for peanuts it seems a bit of a waste.
yea just wondered if there was a easy way to do it like a general code becuase its the factory spec tape player just wanted radio till i get a new cd player :| oh well cheers anyway waynne
nope if there was a generic code it would make having to use a code a bit of a waste of time wouldnt it. i men someody would just steal them and say use this code and itll wor
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