Catch cans


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Peugeot 308 1.6 vti
This is my 2nd post here, after experiencing a bad oil leak, and hopefully having that fixed, I'm wondering if I can add an oil catch can to my car, every video I've watched etc are all for turbo vehicles, however my car also experiences the same problem as the turbo versions, oil particles get sucked out through the breather pipe from the rocker cover, and thrown back in to the engine through the inlet manifold where they get burnt off,

Would it just be a case of disconnecting the breather hose off the rocker cover and connecting it to an oil catch can and then running a new piece of pipe from the catch can to the rocker cover ?

Gotta love this BMW EP6 engine, what a pile of junk, I wish I'd done my homework on this engine before buying this Peugeot, I used to love peugeots, and after having a Honda civic (which I hated) I decided to go back to what I loved best, but I really don't know what they were thinking using this engine, they must have all been smoking something around the table with BMW that day.

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