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Seat Leon 1M 1.8T
I wanted to ask if any Megane Coupe MK1 1.6e owners have any experience with swapping their stock camshafts with a catcam or so. I've done some modifications and looking a bit further before looking at a piggyback ECU.

Im referring to items: 5501713 / 5501712

I felt quite some improvement
-by cleaning out the car (ie ditching spare tire)
-Swapping stock exhaust manifold (4-1) with Supersprint manifold (4-2-1)
-Fitting a FSE powerboost valve and adjusting pressure (4 bar throttle open)
-Swapping stock plugs with NGK Iridiums

Thanks a lot!
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Have you had any head work done? Whilst your fitting the cams, check the clearances and lift to maximise the intake.

Ideally you should get a remap done to take into account the fuelling requirements of the cams and other mods.

I note you've not done any exhaust mods yet and these should be next on your list, a sports cat and freer flowing exhaust will help raise the peak power.
I currently have a:

Supersprint Exhaust manifold > straight decat pipe (will be race cat) > stock middle pipe > Elia Tuning sports muffler.

I've heard my ECU isn't moddable, a piggyback ECU is the only way to go as far as I know.


I havent had any work done on the head.

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