Cars you will never give way to


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Are there any cars or drivers that you will never or very reluctantly give way to?

For me personally it is taxis and really old cautious drivers who stop every time a leaf blows across the road. Sadly the latter group only usually manifest themselves after I have let them pull out.

So what cars or drivers is it for you?
It may sound strange but for me it is Mercedes or BMW drivers whether it is a man or a woman.
Not quite sure what it is, but I found in the past that it is far too much effort for them to thank you if you let them out of a junction etc, so now they can ruddy well stay there.
Is it the cost of the car? Are people with loads of money generally more rude and less patient then?

I genuinely don't know. Having been fairly well set up financially some years ago (prior to health problems, both my own and other family members) I can honestly say that my attitude and manners have not changed at all. I am not a rude person by nature but I am not aware that I am any more or less polite now that I have minimal financial means.
Busses or taxis and lorrys but lorrys are dependent on the roads I'm driving. If it's a national speed limit Road no chance but on a normal 30-40mph Road then yes.
As Wayne said over 70 we have to stop for leaves that blow over the road & toilets as well but on the restart this is what happens to those young bucks that think we are past it. This Escort had 460bhp told me on the road he would keep up. His remark afterwards -You disappeared so fast I tried to change down realised I was on the limiter & had to change up, he had run 179mph in a mag shoot. So if I do stop for those blown leaves ;):rofl::D.


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